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Our Core Values

Customer First. We view our company through our customer’s eyes. We realize that this means that we have to constantly try to find solutions to improve the quality of service so that we exceed our customer’s expectations.


Lead Through Innovation. We are constantly working to improve our service and efficiencies in order to deliver smarter solutions faster. We anticipate our customer’s needs by implementing the latest techniques and newest technology

and products. We challenge the way things have always been done. If our solutions offer a cost savings, we pass it on to

our customer.


One Company, One Team. Charminar strives to treat every member of our company with respect and dignity no matter what their position is in the company. We encourage our employees to do the same to achieve results beyond expectations


Personal Accountability for Excellence. At Charminar we understand that trust is earned. When we make a promise, we keep that promise. We set our standards high with regard to performance. At Charminar superior performance is not an expectation, it is a reality.


Integrity. We always want to act ethically, honestly and fairly in all situations – Whether we are at work or in the community.